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I’m Talia Bombola, LMFT. I'm known as the Confidence and Assertiveness Specialist™. I am a kind, strong, confident woman who loves helping others discover their best self. I am a supportive teammate and an advocate. I am a person, just like many of you, who has overcome challenges in life. I am certain there is no issue or struggle too great to overcome. I believe in the value of self-development and that life can truly transform because of it. 

I aspire to inspire others to realize they can change their lives and recreate narratives about themselves that are much more positive. Human beings have inherent worth and oftentimes due to life events or interactions with others, we question that worth. I like to serve as a reminder to keep your self-worth high and most everything else in life will fall into place accordingly. 

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Get ready to embody your most confident, assertive, and authentic self.
Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“Talia's class on boundaries changed the game for me at work and landed me a promotion!”

VP Marketing

Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“These classes saved my sanity during school. I wasn't taught this shit by my parents.”

College Student

Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“I FEEL SO MUCH MORE SECURE! I also stopped blowing up guy's phones in dating so now I actually have a boyfriend!”

Former Anxiously Attached Dater

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